Biogreen Science – A Business Opportunity

How long have you been working? How many times have you been promoted? Take a look at your seniors at your office. If you keep on doing the same work, maybe you will end-up like them in the coming years. Have you tried running your own business? Why do you need to wait until your retirement days? When will you enjoy your results?

If there is a business opportunity to earn additional income without quitting your current job, are you open to find out? Or… you already want to start your own business, but not having enough capital?

Work until Old

Yes! There is a business you can start without huge capital, and without putting your current job into risks. Talking about business, you might choose conventional business, franchise, or network marketing business. Of course, you should consider the capital needed, the risk, and the profit.

Starting a conventional business might need not only capital, but also skills and experiences. If you want a bigger profit, it means you need a bigger capital. Of course the risk becomes bigger as well. A franchise business might reduce the risks, as the franchiser already developed a system to manage the risks. But, you have to pay more  for what they did, which means higher capital, and reduced profit.

The other option is network marketing business. Most network marketing business only need a relatively small capital to start. Smaller capital means smaller risk. How about the profit? Many people doing this business earn a fortune. The income is residual. The bigger the network they develop, the bigger the sales value, which lead to bigger income.

So, the concept is no more a person working for 8 hours/day, but you will earn the same if 8 people in your team working 1 hour/day. If you like the concept of 1 person earning 1% of 100 people’s effort, instead of 1 person earning 100% of his own effort, network marketing fits you.

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Network marketing is also a perfect business for people who like to help their family and friends to live a better life. In this kind of business, you will only succeed if you help your team to succeed.

The next step is choosing which network marketing company to work with. There are four basic aspects to consider:

  1. Company Legality
  2. Products
  3. Marketing Plan
  4. Support System

Biogreen Science is legally operating in Indonesia, as the company already got SIUP-L Tetap (valid 5 years), and become a member of APLI, the one and only Direct Selling Association in Indonesia acknowledged by WFDSA.



Not only legally operating, Biogreen Science performance in Indonesia is proven by the award on product quality, customer satisfaction level, and trustworthy business operation.

Biogreen Science’s products are also legally distributed in Indonesia, as each product already got BPOM license, similar to FDA approval. The products are also Halal certified.

That is the reason why Biogreen is fastly expanding the business to other countries, and easily registering the product license in those countries.

How about the marketing plan? It is very simple as you can see in the short video below. With the capital of less than 200$, you can earn at least 200$/day.

Regarding the support system, we provide online trainings in English. We have the materials both in written and video. And we can also arrange English speaking leaders to come to your country to train your team, especially if you are the first groups in your country/city.

And the amazing news is… whoever join Biogreen business through this website, will be put under your network, wherever they come from. Indonesia, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Ghana, Brunei, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. Imagine the business growth you will passively have! 

Should you need further information, you can contact us through WhatsApp +62 812 1299 6070, or fill your contact info and question in Contact Us menu. We will be more than happy to assist you.