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Biogreen Science currently carry 6 kinds of products, from nutritional food, herbal medication, and cosmetics. The products have been approved by BPOM (highest hierarchy of Food, Drugs & Cosmetics legal approval in Indonesia) and also Halal certified. Besides, all the active ingredients used have benefits that are proven by clinical tests. 


Applesc® is suitable for everyone. It activates dormant cells, repairs damaged cells and stimulates the regeneration of cells. It is specially suitable for those suffering from problems such as:

  1. Dull skin without lustre or which appears dark or yellowish
  2. Dry and rough skin
  3. Loose skin which is inelastic
  4. White spots, black spots and pigmentation of the skin
  5. Pimples and acne
  6. Declining youthfulness and poor skin metabolism
  7. Skin problems caused by constant makeup use
  8. Adolescence and menopause
  9. Serious skin sensitivity and other skin problems. 


24 Hour Access

WA : 08 1212 99 6070 | LINE : onesynergy | Email : onesynergystudio@gmail.com
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